Talyvel® 6 Differential System with UKAS Calibration

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Code M112-4516UC + 112-4863 + 112-1664
Talyvel 6 Differential System Measurements range 1600 secs range - best accuracy 0.2secs Consisting of 2 off Talyvel Level Unit with 3m USB Cable with Batteries (Charger built in) complete with case 15.6" Laptop 1366x768 pixels, 2.4GHz i3 Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows O/S x64 Bit Supplied with a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certificate which gives an independent and authoritative traceable guarantee of instrument performance and accuracy. Regular servicing and UKAS calibration will guarantee that the performance specification is maintained. Two Level Units (A and B) can be controlled from the computer interface to provide a differential system for measuring the difference in inclination of two surfaces, as well as their departure from absolute level. Display of results from each Level Unit and their differential value are determined by selection of A, B or A-B. The differential Talyvel® is of particular value in applications such as measuring the relative deflections in buildings, in the production and assembly of precision machinery where there may be vibration and for monitoring twist or deflection on moving surfaces, eg ship’s engines or machinery on oil rig platforms. The Talyvel® can also be supplied with multiple levels connected to one computer with dedicated software – particularly useful for monitoring level on large areas such as platforms or tables – price on application.