TA60 Minidekkor Autocollimators

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Minidekkor Type TA.60 with Dark Field Graticule (mounting base not included). • Affordable, lightweight and portable • Wide range of measurement • Can measure X and Y axes at the same time using a graticule • Can measure components of low reflectivity or with small surface area The TA60 Minidekkor is an inexpensive visual Autocollimator using a two axes graticule for general measuring duties in workshop and tool room. The standard Minidekkor is provided with a dark field graticule, forming an illuminated cross line image on a dark background. This offers the advantage of clear images being obtained from low reflectivity surfaces such as unsilvered glass, and from surfaces as small as 3 mm (0.125 in) in diameter. With the addition of a microscope objective and linear measuring device, the Minidekkor can be used for measuring radius of curvature of a lens or mirror and, for example, the spacing of electrodes enclosed in a glass envelope. This Autocollimator is supplied as standard without mounting fixtures. Therefore, when ordering it is important to consider the applications and select the appropriate mounting accessories.