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The new SPECTRO ICP Analyzer Pro software package for the current models of the SPECTRO ARCOS, SPECTROGREEN and SPECTROBLUE spectrometers offers noticeably improved and more intuitive operation. It impresses with unparalleled simplicity and speed in retrieving and processing results with full traceability of all data.

Special features of the SPECTRO ICP Analyzer Pro software include:

- Natural, straightforward work processes with extremely fast data processing. Recalculations, even with large amounts of data, are up to 1,500 times faster. The improved speed of the software in processing large amounts of data is particularly beneficial to laboratories with high sample throughput.

- Modules and plug-ins can be configured according to the existing knowledge and needs of users. Only necessary information is displayed, mouse movements have been minimized. The "Material Design" based interface makes operation much easier for inexperienced users.

- The FDA-compatible user management system of the software makes it possible to define rights for each user in a targeted manner. This ensures a high level of safety and enables complete traceability of results. It stores all versions of a measurement result, including the method and method version used for the calculation. All changes, including users and timestamps, are logged in plain text in the audit trail.

The new SPECTRO ICP Analyzer Pro software package is available for the latest models of the industry-leading SPECTROBLUE FMX 36, SPECTROGREEN and SPECTRO ARCOS FHX 22 ICP-OES spectrometers.

The software upgrade is only available for devices with a Solid State Generator (SSG). The price includes only the software package. Additional hardware and training must be ordered.