Prism Checker 230V

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The prism checker includes: • Ultra Autocollimator • Precision Indexing Stage mounted on Granite Base • Integrated PC and complete software to measure Prisms High stability angle measurement and testing of optical prisms, polygons, wedges and angle gauges. This measurement system comprises of the digital Ultra Autocollimator, rotary stage and dedicated, simple to use software with improved error correction facility. The ultra autocollimator uses the latest digital technology to produce a 2 axis, high accuracy (0.2 sec) stable instrument over a wide range (1800 seconds). The dedicated software allows programmes to be written, saved and recalled using a simple, step-by-step process with results produced in a detailed report format, giving all X and Y data/results ready for visual analysis or export into .csv format for further analysis. The accuracy of the system is further improved using an error separation technique, which corrects the tables built in encoder systems.