Micro-Alignment Telescope with UKAS Calibration

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Includes: • 1 off Micro Alignment Telescope 112-850 (NOT including X&Y micrometre or eyepiece or tube) • 1 off 137-2160 CCD DMAS Camera and USB Cable, Software and Laptop • Target Illuminator The Micro Alignment Telescope is used to set and check alignment, squareness, straightness, flatness, parallelism, verticality and level. With its wide range of accessories the Micro Alignment Telescope forms a unique and comprehensive system for solving alignment problems in a wide variety of applications and industries. • Optical and Mechanical axes aligned to within 3 seconds and concentric within 6 ?m (0.00025 in) • Achievable accuracy within 0.05 mm at 30 m (0.002 in at 100 ft) • Field of view: 50 mm at 2 m (2 in at 6.5 ft) 600 mm at 30 m (24 in at 100 ft)