TB100 Microptic Clinometer

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Code 142-43
The TB100 Microptic Clinometer has been designed for simplicity and very high accuracy. The Clinometer uses a precisely divided circular glass scale, mounted on a spindle that rotates in a high quality bearing. At the end of the spindle is a sensitive bubble vial, which acts as a horizontal reference. Dual purpose: In addition to functioning as a clinometer, the Microptic Clinometer can be used either vertically or horizontally as a circular measuring table. For this purpose the bubble unit is replaced by an optional worktable, which allows a maximum symmetrical load of 2.25 kg (5 lb). A reflector can also be fitted for use in conjunction with an autocollimator. The field of view visible in the eyepiece contains two scales. The lower one is the main scale, in degrees with 10 minute sub-divisions; above it is the scale of the optical micrometer, in minutes with 10 sub-divisions.