120mm 1mm Ball Recess Inductive Stylus

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120mm 1mm Ball Recess Inductive Stylus for Inductive Gauge.

Also compatible with - Intra Touch, Form Talysurf Intra 1, Form Talysurf Intra 2, Form Talysurf Series 1 and 2 Inductive Systems, Form Talysurf i-Series 1mm, Form Talysurf i-Series 2mm, Talysurf i-Series PRO, Form Talysurf i-Series 1mm PRO, Form Talysurf i-Series 2mm PRO.

This styli is used for form measurement, the 120mm stylus arm with 1mm Diameter Ball delivers 2mm of range on the 1mm gauge and delivers 4mm of range on the 2mm gauge.